Our Crews

The CrewWORKS coordinates the services of top independent technicians, stagehands and artisans who have expertise in all aspects of show production. Individually and collectively our crews are the finest talent pool in the region.

We organize our professional freelance crews into levels that meet or exceed the requirements for your show. This is reflected in our rates and organizational structure.

For tailored requirements and a copy of our current rate chart please contact us by calling 1-800-294-2739 or email us at crew@thecrewworks.com.

Loader / Pusher

Loader / Pusher: Basic labor used to load/unload trucks.


Hands: Skilled positions at the basic level. The hands are the backbone of our industry and include: stagehands; carpenter hands; display install and dismantle; lighting and electrics hands and basic utility hands.


Integrals: These positions include high steel climbers, small forklift operators.

Tech Crew

Tech Crew: Individuals with experience and knowledge of their trade. Crew Chief for L1, L2, & L3 crews, Basic AV Tech; Audio Tech; Electrics & Lighting Tech; Video Assist Tech; Spotlight Operator; Scenic Carpenter; Large Lift and CDL Drivers; Wardrobe.

Specialty Crew

Specialty Crew: Individual with advanced experience and abilities. Technical Crew Chief; Audio Visual Specialist; A-2 Audio; Head Lighting; Head Carpenter; Riggers.

Lead Positions

Lead Positions: Crew Coordinator; Computer IT techs; Lighting Board Operators and/or Lighting Lead; A-1 Audio Engineers; Video Projectionist; Video Tape Op; Folsom Program / Op; Fixed Position Camera Operator.


All Illustrations by: Tom Chalkley

Negotiated Rate Freelance Professionals:

Some individuals have a higher day rate. Examples may include: Video Engineer; Video Technical Director, Lighting Designer; Presentation Computer Graphics Designer; Hand Held and Jib Camera Operators; ENG / EFP Video Crews.

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